2015 , exhibition package product project

“CMY” is a product that gets through the water and change ink printed on.
Through eight months try and error process, we discovered that the ink, printed mixed special aqueous Cyan Magenta Yellow ink on paper, draws beautiful gradation with unlinking CMY by specific gravity when absorbs water.
We designed this discovery to a paper product, and introduced.
CMY/POT is a pot cover. When water plants, it sucks up excess water in the saucer and makes colorful gradation in whole.
CMY/YAMA is a mountain shape artwork, having a wonderful three-dimensional color graduation. When pouring the water into the saucer CMY/YAMA is placed, its color changes gradationally.
Manufacture and sale: Fukunaga Print Co., Ltd.

Movie is here
Camera: Yoshiro Masuda
Music: Ayako Taniguchi

CMY/POTはポットカバーで、植物に水やりをする際、鉢皿に残った水を紙が吸い上げ、色のグラデーションをポットカバー全体につくりだします。CMY/ YAMAは色のグラデーションを立体的に楽しめるオブジェで、小さなお皿の上に乗せて水を注ぐことで山が色づくのを楽しめます。

Photo: Yoshiro Masuda