Kenji Yanobe / ULTRA (Sign)

2009 , exhibition interior


This project was for the solo exhibition of a contemporary artist, Kenji Yanobe "Kenji Yanobe-ULTRA" (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi/Japan, 2009). It employed special details such as holographic foils and matt black ink on coated paper to illustrate the serenity and the explosive energy of his work.
And sign design was inspired from Kenji Yanobe's new artwork "Ultra-Kuroi Taiyo (Black Sun)" that is a big iron sculpture of high-voltage discharging submerged in exhibition room. Sign was made of iron-mold sheet. And it was imported phenomenon that outside one was rusting and its rust was growing down on white wall during exhibition term. Character was burned out with laser, it seemed fusing edge.

photo: Takumi Ota