Kyoto University of Art and Design / Campus open day 2009

2009 , graphic

京都造形芸術大学2009年度のオープンキャンパスのためのポスター。モチーフとなった2008年に創設された学科共通工房「ULTRA FACTORY」の活動と現場の臨場感を伝えるために、グラインダーにて紙の周囲を焦がした。また金属加工から出る金属の塵に着目し、「ULTRA UNIVERSITY」の文字の上に銅粉をまぜたメディウムをUV加工。紙の周囲の焼き焦がし作業は、印刷会社に出向き、デザイナー自ら手にはグラインダー、作業用つなぎにマスクという姿で加工を担当。

The poster for campus open day at Kyoto University of Art and Design 2009 which burns the circumference of paper using a hand grinder. In order to tell the activity and the presence of a common studio "ULTRA FACTORY" which was founded in 2008, the circumference of poster was burned by hand grinder. I paid attention to the dust of the metal which comes out of metalworking, UV coating of the medium which mixed copper powder on the character of "ULTRA UNIVERSITY". Designer went to printing company and burned the circumference of poster by himself, handing hand grinder and wearing overalls.

photo: Yoshiro Masuda